Diane Bradley & Associates, PLLC specializes in the area of employment and labor relations, where we provide advice to individuals and management on a full range of workplace matters. Whether through mediation, litigation, or arbitration, DB&A is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

Our professional services include:

Employment Counseling & Investigations
We provide legal counseling and litigation services for employees, and small and mid-size businesses on issues such as: providing advice and legal representation on claims filed with the EEOC, wage and hour issues, negotiating severance packages, whistle blower actions, workers' compensation, and other employment matters. We also provide complete and thorough confidential EEO investigations when a problem does arise in the work place.

EEO and Labor Compliance Audits
DB&A provides EEO and labor compliance audits to help expose problem areas and avoid risks before legal issues occur in the work place. We review company employment handbooks, manuals, and policies and procedures to help ensure state and federal EEO and labor law compliance.

DB&A has the skill, confidence and experience to help mitigate your company’s potential liability exposure prior to an employment conflict arising by providing a complete legal assessment of its employment and labor policies, manuals and handbooks.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services
DB&A are experts in representing employees and management in mediation and arbitration proceedings. DB&A provides experienced qualified mediators to quickly resolve some of the most challenging employment matters in the work place. We are experts at handling all forms of employment disputes and are dedicated to facilitating positive, cost effective and productive results at the earliest possible stage of an employment conflict.

Conflict Management Training
Our Conflict Management Training program focuses on developing employee and management communication skills, self-awareness and appropriate self-governance techniques that help to improve early solutions to employment matters and enhance quality and effective employment complaint resolutions. In addition to helping employees and managers improve their communication skills and conflict resolution skills, we focus on identifying different work styles and developing conflict management systems that provide for a more productive working environment.

DB&A understands the difficult legal and financial issues involved in the employment litigation process. The firm’s extensive employment experience allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation available. DB&A is committed to providing the best legal advice, litigation strategies and legal representation for our clients in any employment conflict they may face.


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