Founded by Diane Bradley, Esq., a seasoned employment lawyer, Diane Bradley & Associates, PLLC provides the best employment/labor counseling and litigation services available in the Mid-Atlantic region. This boutique-style employment law firm is dedicated to providing high quality legal services to employees, and small to mid-size employers. With a 15 year proven track record and extensive experience working with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, DB&A provides critical support services on human resource development, training and legal counseling services to human resource personnel and management officials on current employment and labor laws, and litigation services. DB&A also has extensive experience litigating employment cases before state and federal courts, government agencies, and providing alternative dispute resolution services.

DB&A is committed to its clients and seeks to:

• Provide reliable and effective work products and services.
• Create and develop innovative strategies on human resource development and compliance systems.
• Serve as a reliable legal resource on litigation strategy and risk management.
• Cultivate good client relations that build on prior operational and legal successes.

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